An Aussie Summer 2018

CnC An Aussie Summer


December 15, 2018 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm The Back Room, Chardons Hotel, 688 Ipswich Road, Annerly

CnC An Aussie Summer

The sun is shining, the breeze is warm with the tang of sea salt in the air. Your skin is slick with sunscreen and you can feel the trickle of sweat run down your brow.

Welcome to the Aussie Summer!

It’s the silly season and the carols are telling you it’s going to be a white Christmas but like everything down under we do it with a little twist.

Here at Curves & Claws, we took the idea of an Aussie Summer Christmas, twisted it all up and ran with it!

We love beaches, the sunset over the ocean and a bloody good Barbie topped off with a deliciously decadent slice of Pav with an ice-cream chaser and let’s not forget to mention the Christmas entertainment!

Sound tempting?

So why not celebrate the final Curves & Claws show of the year with some true blue beautiful Aussie burlesque babes, drag dames and sideshow Shelia’s paying homage to all that is fair dinkum about the Aussie summer?

Enjoy a Christmas show with a sun-kissed twist featuring:

Bella Louche (NSW)
Bebe Gunn
Aleksandra The Great (VIC)
Frenchie Darling Burlesque
Iridella P Zazz
Killer Curves
Malaika Moon (WA)
Margeaux Le Gogo
Viola Verve (ACT)
And students from The Vaudeville Consortium!

Want to be A VIP? Enjoy a refreshing glass of Champers in a hand-painted glass by local artist Rainbow Rabbit and a gift bag full of goodies AND a seat in the first 2 rows (where the magic happens).